Our dear friend Olivia, from For Good Luck, makes the most amazing tops out of vintage gowns and wedding dresses. Each is one of a kind. SLUSH has collaborated with FGL to make a capsule collection with the discarded skirts from the vintage gowns Olivia sources. We have upcycled the fabric and repurposed it all into unique handbags.

With upcycled fabric from different vintage gowns, we have created four different handbags, in two of our signature styles: the Glitter Baby, the Brocade Baby, the Prairie Purse, and the Groovy Purse.

Glitter Baby

The Glitter Baby

This bag sparkles and shines in the light. A beautifully woven combination of turquoise, pink, orange, and purple - with a stylistic black velvet flocking atop. Each of the two bags created with this vintage fabric are lined with a hot pink fuchsia satin and feature a hand embroidered SLUSH logo.

Brocade Baby

The Brocade Baby

This vintage fuchsia fabric with a subtle floral print was once a gown. Olivia transformed it into an amazing FGL top and we created two baby bags with the remaining fabric. The inside of each bag is lined with vintage champagne brocade satin.

Prairie Purse

The Prairie Purse

A soft buttery yellow vintage lace is layered atop cotton - so the purse isn’t completely see through. The inside of this bag is lined with fuchsia satin and features a yellow hand-embroidered SLUSH logo. This purse has a magnetic closure and bamboo handles. You can wear it around your wrist or as a handbag.

  Groovy Purse

The Groovy Purse

Bold and colourful florals make this purse hard to miss. This vintage fabric is super ‘60s, ‘70s and is lined with hot pink satin. This purse has a mod style to it - especially with its’ bamboo handles. Cutie, Olivia, with the Groovy Purse above.


Our hope with this collection is to show how we can repurpose and recycle old materials that would have otherwise been discarded, into functional and stylish new pieces. We continue to source deadstock fabrics to use as materials for new bags -- we also love that this makes each bag unique and one of a kind!

To view the entire For Good Luck X SLUSH Collection, click here.
To see more of the cool stuff Olivia is doing, follow FGL on insta here and shop here.

Each handbag in this collection is made by hand using ethical and sustainable practices.
All SLUSH handbags are made in our Montreal studio. 

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