Picnic Collection

Picnic Collection


Refusing to believe summer is coming to an end, we present you with our Picnic Collection: Picnic Purse, Picnic Baby and Picnic Handbag. Three new styles made with 100% red and white gingham cotton. Each handmade purse is easily transitional for all seasons - but we like to think it reminds us of picnics in the park, ergo the ‘picnic’ purse. 



PICNIC PURSE - Made with bamboo handles and a magnetic closure, the picnic purse is the perfect wristlet. It's just the right size to carry a couple picnic accoutrements.  



PICNIC HANDBAG - Obsessed with the handles of this bag that are hand-frayed. Being one of our classic bag silhouettes, the handbag is infamous for being able to holding an abundance of items. We are honestly always shocked at how much stuff we can fit in the handbag style. The Picnic Handbag can fit almost all of the essentials (baguette, a bottle of wine, cheese, cured meat, grapes, the list goes on...)



PICNIC BABY -  We love the baby because of her versatility. It wears as a shoulder bag or a crossbody - making it an effortless bag to wear if you have to hop on a bicycle on your way to or fro' the picnic :-) 

The entire Picnic Collection is made by hand and made to order in our Montreal studio. Each bag is lined with a beautiful thick satin and a hand-stitched SLUSH logo. The Picnic bags are exclusive to our online shop ❤️

p.s. We can customize any of our handbags. Send us a message with your ideas, we would be delighted to collaborate! info@slushb.com

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