The Mesh Series

Inspired by all things handmade, the Mesh Series invites you to make your SLUSH your own. Bridging the gap between designer and artisan - the series calls upon you to bring your SLUSH bag into its final form. 
We asked five fibre artists to show us how they would make their SLUSH unique. The variance in their technique and artistry reveals the boundless possibilities. Each Mesh Handbag comes with a bundle of embroidery floss of your choice. 
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"Creating fibre art has always been a meditative practice for me. I am inspired mostly by weaving and dying natural fibres, but also enjoy collecting found materials. I am interested in experimenting with texture and colour to create ephemeral surfaces."

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BLACK BETA, Sophia Borowska

"My love of textile processes, particularly weaving, come from an interest in the dynamic between surface and structure in an imaged cloth. Currently, I am pursuing different investigations into the relationships and slippages between architecture, photography, weaving, and digital imagery, and the possibilities of translation between two or more of these media. Developing a theory of textile as subversion, I believe that textiles are well-suited to the interpretation of architecture due to a shared position as art that functions, and to their contrasting associations of monumental/intimate, public/private, permanent/ephemeral, visual/tactile, masculine/feminine. The pattern for this needlepoint was interpreted from an urban landscape photo I shot in Mexico City, depicting the city's characteristic overlapping architectural styles."

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"Fibre practices are a form of intimacy and tactile narration. They personify, embrace, and celebrate human process and imperfection. Influenced by bold colourscapes and domestic craft, my personal work explores this personification and reflects upon the innate urge to create."

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WHITE DATA, Sophie Edell

"Creating with textiles is second nature in my family, from my grandma to my mom and my sisters. I studied painting and drawing in school, which dominated my practice for many years. In the last few, I've been exploring the same artistic practice with textile mediums, primarily focusing on rug hooking."

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WARP LIME, Zoe Gelftant

"The choice to embroider an image is the choice to slow down, and give thought and care to every stitch I make. Fibres as an art form allows me to connect with art and design in a tactile form, taking the unknown out of the art and putting comfort and memories in its place."

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